[ Composer and Editor ]

Elizabeth Swados (Composer) composed, wrote, and directed for over 30 years until her death in 2016. Swados created issue-oriented theater with young people for her entire career. This work culminated in a theatrical extravaganza for New York University, The Reality Show, about college life in New York City. She published novels, non-fiction books, children's books and poetry to great acclaim, and received the Ken Award for her book, My Depression. Awards: Five Tony nominations, three Obie Awards, Guggenheim Fellowship, Ford Grant, Helen Hayes Award, Lila Acheson Wallace Grant, PEN Citation, and others.


Pola Rapaport (Editor and Sound Editor) is the writer, director and editor of many award winning films, including: HAIR: LET THE SUN SHINE IN; WRITER OF O, a portrait of the elusive author of the erotic novel Story of O; FAMILY SECRET, the story of the filmmaker's discovery of her long-lost secret Romanian brother; BLIND LIGHT, a story of a photographer's peak experience in a villa in Italy, starring Edie Falco and BROKEN MEAT, a portrait of the mad poet Alan Granville. Editor of several feature documentaries, including “Take It Back, The Movement for Democracy and Howard Dean”, “Grace Paley, Collected Shorts”, “Can You Hear Me” and “Fine Rain”. Sound editing Emmy nominee. Guggenheim Foundation Fellow and multi-grant winner. Graduate of the Institute of Film and Television at New York University.